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Halloween or my most wonderful time of the year

 My favorite holiday paws, well hands, down is Halloween. When I was little my favorite aunt would take me trick or treating and I always came home with a bag bursting at the seams with candy. I loved carving jack-o-lanterns with my parents and would try to see witches flying across the moon on their broomsticks.  As I grew up, I learned about the traditions associated with the holiday and the history behind it and fell even more deeply in love, if that's even possible. I was even enamored by the superstitions and fears wrongly expressed about that night. I grew up during the "Satanic Panic" of the 1980s so you can imagine what was shown by the media to sensationalize things. Adult me still loves all the innocence of the trick or treating and dressing up as your favorite spooky characters, though I'm the one handing out the candy I will always dress up to do so. I have those must-watch movies that have to bee seen several times in order for the holiday to be complete.

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