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Dreams...Do They Ever Come True?

 Dreams...Everyone has them, whether they admit to it or not. They are what can fuel the imagination to chase goals unheard of...if you chase them and catch them. But what does it mean to chase your dreams? The chase alone won't make things happen, but it will start the process. Dedication and work, hard work, are the fuel needed to chase dreams. Persistence is also needed, and that can be the deciding factor. For me the things needed to catch my dream are also my obstacles. Daily I work to overcome them, to use them as weapons to fight this battle to breakthrough and be noticed. But what do you do when the dream both inspires and frightens you at the same time?  I wish I had the magical answer for that, I really do. But there is no magical answer, at least I don't believe there is. So I write my books and put them out there for you to enjoy. I learn what I can about the industry and surround myself with people to teach me what I do not know.  Daily I step out of my comfort zon

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