Conquering Your Fears While Achieving Goals

 Fears, everyone has them whether they want to admit to them or not. 

I've quite a few of them myself...after all I've got a pulse and am still human after all.

But we will speak of only two here today: My fear of heights and being awkward about promoting my books.

The fear of heights can be a bit complicated as I love riding rollercoasters. I've joked you're not still long enough at any high point on a roller coaster to realize where you are. 

Then there is one of the things I've always wanted to do, which is to ride a zip line. It looks exciting and like it would be a whole lot of fun, except for one thing...

I'm deathly afraid of heights.

See in order to ride a zip line, one must climb up a tower after being properly strapped in and then be attached to a line and willingly step off that tower and trust that the line and the gear will carry you safely back to earth while providing an unforgettable ride and rush.

So did I do it? See for yourself.

 And now for my other fear. Go to my website and check my books out.

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